Winter Style Wishlist

If there’s one thing that makes Autumn and Winter two of my very favourite seasons, despite the terrible English weather, is most DEFINITELY the fashion. Knitwear, layering, the amazing warm colour schemes, wooly tights, checks … Continue reading Winter Style Wishlist

My Resolutions

Well, well, well… Another year has come and gone and suddenly we’re all writing the date wrong for several weeks until we get used to the new one. I’ve always been a fan of New … Continue reading My Resolutions

Exciting Update!

If you read my last blog post, you’ll know that I recently applied for a SUPER exciting job at none other than Joe Browns(!!!) Since publishing that blog I have been lucky enough to be … Continue reading Exciting Update!

A job in a million

I have recently applied for what COULD be my very dream job. Now, bare with me because the reasoning behind this “dream” status stems from being a fashion obsessed little girl and flicking through my … Continue reading A job in a million